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America by Anonymous

it seems

like the world

is falling apart

at the seams

that were sewn

so jaggedly

in the first place.

we know that

oppression is amplified

during a recession

but how heartless

are you to ignore

the murder

of our race

under the pretense

that the police

have a right

to put us in

“our place”?

we want to live:

feel the sun

on our skin

feel the breeze

in our hair

but how are we

supposed to feel

when our blood

lingers in the air?

it’s fresh

like a threat:

“your existence is

a crime

and you’ll pay

with your life.”

but why

should we pay

the price

for your hate

and racist lies?

we don’t want to die.

despite your

devaluation of us

we value our lives

because we only

get one

and they shouldn’t end

staring down

the barrel of a gun.

we sit you down

to discuss

the poverty

the brutality

the discrimination

we face.

you nod politely

and then

make no change.

you mock us

but don’t hear us

you hate us

but don’t see us.

so tonight

i raise a toast

i raise a torch

to you.

you’ll scream in terror

just like we do

when we’re gunned down

by those men

in blue.

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