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Dear Divine Children by Anonymous

Forgive me for playing a record well aged and dust covered

But everytime I look into your eyes it gives me a rush

Tooth pain and stomach aches feel more like nostalgia

As memories of cinnamon candy and dark chocolate fill me with pleasure

It's a shame that some of you want to hide your eyes

Jealousy covered fallacies blind everyone, even you

But I suppose it's selfish of me to believe I'm obligated to them

Or maybe you lock them away, because you know

You know that if you opened those twin windows, I'd lean far enough to fall in them

Into a warm and dark quilt with speckles of sunlight carefully intertwined

I see halos above your head. All shapes; all colors

Only a divine God could create strands that defy gravity itself

The coils tease the air, "How dare you try to pull me down? I will sit as I please!"

Not even the hands of the head they rest on can tame it,

"Foolish air and foolish hands; you pull me down and yet I stand!" It sings, grabbing your combs and clips and showing off it's strength

And yet it cries for nourishment near daily, only the finest food

Coconut and peppermint, satiates the hungry child that rests on your shoulders

What arrogant hair you have! So difficult! So uncouth!

When you think this, I ask to remember, that we can't fault it entirely

The kings and queens it sat upon, ages before you, spoiled it rotten!

If you're caretakers turned to lion tamers and you bare your teeth and roar aw well.

Such an odd place they’ve put you in

Twisted corridors covered in snakes that sing of freedom. A labyrinth.

They tell you to run.

Run and run and you’ll make it out of here.

You can be like us! You’ll be worthy! But they change the shape

“Not enough.” They say, as your skin loses color from sweating the hope of escape

“Too much.” They say, as scream to the heavens for a reason why they’ve punished you

Stop running. Wasting your light on the blind.

They toy with you, because dolls don’t know who they are.

Playthings don’t dance with their lovers or sing in the rain

Their button eyes tell no stories

Their hands create nothing

They don’t laugh or cry the way you do

Do not let them play you. What a bold choice to make?

There’s no need to find the exit when your breath can make the walls bow before.

One by one.

I could spend hours marvelling at your body

Detailing every curve and edge, every hair and muscle that is unlike any other

But I’d be foolish to do so

Spilling out the same dribble of thousands of admirers isn’t very polite

The audacity I have to think that your art, your strength, your spirit, only need a few lines of mention

The ignorance I posses to only put a few words to your grace

I could speak a thousand tongues in the heart of Babylon and still fail to tell your story.

For this I’m deeply sorry, but I don’t doubt that I have nothing left to say

So much to say and yet my lips and eyes are stuck

You’re deeply magnetic

Pulling everything towards with an invisible hand

Pouring so much joy and poise that our cups run over

All this to just say, I’m grateful

I’m grateful that you may feel the divineness that everybody sees in you

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