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I See Me by Hailey Harris, 282 (Insta: @always_haileyjadeee )

I See Me

Looking at her, I see more than just a girl

I see her kinky curls

And the pride and practice seen in each strand’s twirl

I see her skin

The pain and perseverance it is painted in

I see her eyes

The window to her weary soul

I see her lips

Big enough to hide her secrets but bold enough to share her opinions

I see her chest

Burdened with the hurt in her heart that’s never left

I see her stomach

And the very displays of her womanhood that lie beneath it

I see her thighs

Never perfect in size, as trends change like the tides

I see her feet

Having walked in triumph and defeat

I see her memories

Sibling games of Hide and Seek

And family functions that blasted Bob Marley

I see her sarcastic yet caring personality

Looking at her, I see a beautifully crafted, but damaged, welcoming but cautious,

Mess of a human being

I see me

- Hailey Jade

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