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Is Our Philadelphia Really Our Philadelphia by Laila Johnson, 282 (Insta: @lailarae1)

Is Our Philadelphia Really OUR Philadelphia

Laila Johnson

North, South, East, West

We are all from Philly

But we try to see who’s got it the best

What y’all don’t understand

Is that we all are oppressed

And that none of us will ever have the upper hand

If we don’t come together as a band

People have come up to me and uttered the heartbreaking words that I quote

“Nobody expects me to be smart, so why try”

And I cry

Really, the only time Black Lives Matter to America is for a mere

Electoral vote.

People went from clutching their pearls

To clutching their purses when we walk by

Following us in coffee shops

Just to let their fears and doubts pacify

With the future upon us, I look to the news

But nobody ever seems to capture my point of views

We look to the Liberty Bell,

The Rocky Steps too

But the streets needing care are left alone to pull through?

Eight out of Ten suspects are black

The City of Brotherly Love seems to lack the ladder

We disregard the truth of the matter

Pay Attention.

The changes made during my time, our time

They may be evident.

But it will take time to get past the parts visibly


We can't allow the injustices we face to subside

Because the next generation needs to process

What we mean when we proudly exclaim:

“Black Pride”

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