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The Oath by Abraham Fofana, 282 (Insta: @ssr.zenon)

“The Oath”

Places full of poverty and some who ain’t never have shelter

My ancestors fought for the life of freedom, something better

I try to fight as hard as I can cuz I been fed up

Others dream of peace and they wondering whats da holdup

I’m sick of it brotherly love but ain’t seeing no love

We was told that there was no hope but we still had hope

We was told that we were the lowest of all the lows

They made us think we chose a life we neva chose

All the court cases making us wait on all of our toes

Fighting for justice, not for pity or sympathy

How long will it take before somebody takes a stand with me?

You tellin me we can’t even go to sleep or jog in peace?

If they weren’t gunned downed they would still be wit they families

we can't take revenge cuz that would only bring us tragedy

Hoping for a day when we can all live by equality

hoping for a day when families don’t have to cope

Hoping for a day when the youngins posted corners,

can go to school without having to worry bout selling dope

How can we have peace if we can't show love for each other

How can we move on if we can't fight for one another

In Allah’s eyes, we considered sisters and brethren

How can we ignore that they're putting us into caskets

How can we ignore the call of help when it is heard

How can we ignore the killing of our colored brethren

thousands of them are being buried in the dirt

MLK remember him well he thought up a dream

He knew bout the risks, he was brave ain’t fear a thing

He made the sacrifice for the purpose of that dream

But they still gon end up letting another man free

this world is really something to behold

When they see a murder eye to eye suddenly their eyes were closed

They gon try to turn away when they see us seeking for hope

But once they start the job isn't then they take an oath

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