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  • How do I submit something?
    Fill out this Google Form:
  • Who is allowed to submit to the magazine?
    EVERYONE is allowed to submit to Afrocentric (even if you don't go to Central or are not a student at all!). For our non-Black artists and writers, we do require that your submission uphold our mission and uplift the Black community.
  • What can I submit?
    You can submit things among the lines of stories, poems, artwork, fashion designs, articles, and photos.
  • When do submissions open and close?
    Submissions are open all year long!
  • Can I submit things at any time in the year?
    Yes you can!
  • Can I submit anonymously?
    Of course! Your privacy and safety is important, so if you would like to submit anonymously, be sure to choose the "Yes, I wish to be kep anonymous" option when asked on the Google Form.
  • What if I made a mistake on my submission?
    Email ( us and message us via Instagram (@chs.afrocentric) as soon as possible. We can allow you to edit if you tell us quickly.
  • What if I have a submission that does not fit into any of the categories? Can I still send it in?
    Send it in! We will review it and figure out where and if it fits.
  • How can I help?
    You can help by spreading the word, joining our team, and donating to our GoFundMe! ( We are constantly recruiting and expanding, so if you would like to join us, feel free to DM us! (@chs.afrocentric)
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