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Meet the Board!

Below is the current Board of Afrocentric (23-24)! 

Lets meet them!!

Akinseye Quinones 

Co-President | 283

My goal for Afrocentric has always been to create a space where people from unique cultures and backgrounds like mines can have a platform to share that through whatever creative means possible. A writer myself, I am committed to creating great magazines that everyone in the Central community can have access to and enjoy creativity from an Afrocentric perspective.

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Amelia Hanes

Co-President | 284

Hi I’m Amelia! I am a current co-president of Afrocentric, and a junior at Central. I love reading, running, painting, food, and traveling! I can’t wait to see all the amazing work students will submit to this year’s magazine!!!

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Shane Johnson

Treasurer | 283

Hi, I'm Shane, I am a 17 year old at Central Highschool. Outside of Afrocentric I do chess and robotics. Additionally, I like the anime One Piece.

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Shaddai Payne

Social Media Manager | 285

Hello, my name is Shaddai, and I’m Afrocentrics social media manager! I’m a person who likes to uphold myself to certain standards and get things done. I enjoy setting goals for myself and doing my best to achieve them, but I also don’t forget to have fun and live my life while doing so!


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Aman Akmel

Magazine Director| 283

My name is Aman Akmel. I'm a senior at Central High School. Besides being the don at Afrocentric, I like to read books and learn, along with listening to and making music.

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Danay McNeill

Secretary | 284

Danay is the Secretary of Africentric Magazine. She joined Afrocentric in the 2023 calendar year. She is currently in junior year (284).

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