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BLM ✊🏿 - Ayanna Weston, 280 (Insta: @realayanna)

In my own skin

So filled with melanin

Threatened on a daily basis

When will it end

Black lives matter

Why is that when police say “freeze” we don’t move

They continue to shoot

Simply walk down the street with a hood on suddenly I’m a threat

R. I. P. Treyvon, Sandra , mike , and all people who experienced a white man’s hatred

I thank god for my ancestors and all they’ve fought for best believe the black community will continue to fight more

In my own skin

I have to be confident

When people say “you’re pretty for a black girl “ or “I don’t see color “

That ain’t no compliment

In my own skin

beauty outside and in

Black lives matter

Join the movement ✊🏿

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